Top 5 Favorite Things from Season 4 of Southern Charm

WHAT A SEASON!! I’ve had the best time recapping this full season of Southern Charm, and it did not disappoint! From Landon’s poor dog never being walked by a man to Shep’s doll with a flaccid dick, let’s go through, in no particular order, TRASHTVPRINCESS’S TOP 5 FAVORITE THINGS FROM SEASON 4 OF SOUTHERN CHARM!!!

1. ROAM if you want to (but prepare for the copyright infringement fines)My absolute FAVORITE thing about Landon, or any rich kid in general, is that they pretend to work really hard while being funded full time by their parents. The slow burn of, or whatever the URL was, was a side conversation this season, starting with her preview party, and ending with…really nothing. But the moment Landon confessed she couldn’t call Roam Roam anymore was such a stunning moment, even after she started using Roam jargon in her everyday conversation. (Ex: “this place is not Roam-worthy”)

2. Cameran’s side gig as a voodoo priestessCameran is the princess of Southern Charm, with Patricia as queen, and she never fails to bring humor and honesty to the show, even if it’s brutally honest. On the surface, she’s a perfect southern belle, but her recent foray into voodoo and white magic has kept me laughing all season. With her acquisition of Mama Estelle, and that creepy ass naked doll she got Shep, she’s shown she’s not only a southern belle but an absolute weirdo, which only makes me love her more!! YOU GO CAMERAN. VOODOO ON, GIRL!

3. GIZMO.The light of my life. The yin to my yang. Gizmo, Naomie and Craig’s perfect cat, has taken car rides, judged Craig, and broken the fourth wall by staring directly at camera men all season, and has warmed my cold, black heart. Gizmo also has a brief foray into real estate this season, which is just as cute as it sounds. The moment when Naomie got freaked out at the thought of Gizmo ever dying, I FUCKING FREAKED OUT TOO- partly because of my cat, partly because I have grown to love Gizmo as much as she does. 

4. Patricia’s one-liners (AND CAFTANS)Patricia Altschul is reality tv gold- she’s rich, she’s beautiful, she has a butler, she has a side gig shilling caftans online, and has had some of the best one liners all season. Not to mention that AMAZING phone case, and she has retweeted me a few times so, LOVE YA GIRL! But really, I would put Patricia up there with the Luanns and Vickis of the world in terms of her contributions to Bravo in just 4 seasons of this show, she is a legend. HERE’S TO YOU PATRICIA- see you in the liquor section of Costco.

5. The facial expressions.need I say more?!

Anyway, needless to say this season of Southern Charm was bomb af- I just wish Landon and Kathryn had fought more, but maybe we’ll get some action in the finale. I love this show, and I hope you enjoyed my recaps as much as I love writing them. Thanks for reading!!! 💕

(also, pour one out for our fallen homie, Shep’s mullet friend.)(miss u)


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