“I’M NOT A J.CREW BITCH.”- southern charm recap 6/12

EPISODE ELEVEN BITCHES!! I am into the swing of my new job, worked out after work today, and am in a face mask as I prepare to watch this week’s Southern Charm- WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T HAVE IT ALL?! This week hinted at being the episode where Shep makes a move on Chelsea and she doesn’t like it, so I’m nervous to see how this episode goes. Also, Naomie hinted she’s gonna pop off on Craig on her instagram earlier today, so I’m a little scared for that too.

Also, Shep was riding the struggle bus big time, not only with the women in his life, but with his hard partying ways. WILL SHEP EVER GROW UP?! We may never know.

Ok back to the real ep!! Chelsea & Cameran are gonna go hang out with Kathryn, and Cameran admits she was really impressed by Kathryn when they went to lunch together. JD & Thomas go to lunch, and Kathryn asks Thomas if she can bring Kenzie on a modeling gig- c’mon, stage mom! JD is shook by the fact that Thomas and Landon are dating, AND SO ARE THE REST OF US. There’s a cutaway of Landon guffawing as she finds Thomas’s poetry book while he sighs, exasperated. 

Landon and her Dad are out on the town, and she comments something along the lines of “is there anything better than this?” And he says “Being in Key West.” I love him immediately. Landon’s dad basically gives her a job offer to just SHOW UP TO A FUCKIN PROPERTY EVERYDAY AND TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO, and how this way, she can make a living. Landon responds with something along the lines of “ehhh well I hope I can make a living off of the website”- girrrrrrrl. “It would be easy to just work for my dad and marry Thomas, but I want to do something for myself”- bitch, you don’t have to marry Thomas, but like, take the fuckin job!!! Give up on the website formerly known as Roam!! TAKE THE MONEY! LISTEN TO THOSE MORE BROKE THAN YOU (me)!!!!!

We then see Cameran and Shep talking, and Shep is even admitting that Chelsea and Austen are together, but Cameran is vehemently denying it. I can’t blame her though…Chelsea denies it like crazy when ANYONE asks her, so you certainly can’t blame other guys for trying. Shep then displays minor depression issues, and shows that money really can’t buy happiness- Shep is rich af but still seems to be having a tough time. 

“I have to market myself like I’m a J.Crew bitch, and I’m not a J.Crew bitch.” LOLZ KATHRYN! My favorite girls all together- Cameran, Chelsea, & Kathryn are all shopping to get Kathryn something to wear other than Forever 21 rompers to her modeling gig. SORRY GIRL- U A MOM NOW! OFF TO ANN TAYLOR YOU GO!! I spoke too soon- Kathryn tried another romper on. OMG! MORE KEY WEST! Cameran announces she’s throwing a Key West trip for her bday, and Cameran asks if Kathryn would be ok if they all went to Key West together, including Landon. But Kathryn don’t give a fuck, cause she’s a hot ass bitch- iconic. Cameran then tells Chelsea about the shitshow that Shep was the week before, and Chelsea says her, Shep, & Austen are all hanging out soon. WHAT A RECIPE FOR DISASTER!!!

“I’m doing my best to not work”- same, Austen. 

Chelsea then admits Shep tried to make out with her a bunch of times, and called her and Austen “a joke,” and that he’s with Landon all the time…ARE THESE PEOPLE SEEING SOMETHING I’M NOT?! There is barely a thread of a relationship between Austen & Landon, and I really don’t know where this idea has stemmed. Cameran is also probably to credit for planting this seed in Shep’s mind about he and Chelsea, since Chelsea never admits to anything about Austen. JUST EFFING ADMIT IT GIRL, then maybe your best friend Cameran wouldn’t have been pawning you off to her other best friend Shep! It’s basically everyone’s fault.

DA BOYZ are all at dinner, and Austen is SEETHING in the corner when Shepard walks in. Where’s Shep’s friend with the mullet? Craig and Whitney are looking pretty shook, and Shep says “it was a test!” and Craig pops in, saying how Shep tried to “bang Naomie” when they first started dating, and Craig also added, “hopefully the girl I’m marrying likes me enough to say no.” WOWOW DRAG SHEP! This stuff is crazy. Then Shep is still pissed because Austen took Chelsea from Shep, and he just wanted to get a last chance. Shep does have a point though- Cameran was inSIStent about Chelsea and Shep getting together. He was merely listening to someone he considers a good friend, and his ego got in the way.

Whitney and Craig basically are saying everyone makes mistakes, but also SHEP IS SHEP, and Craig is of course playing devil’s advocate cause he don’t like Sheppy. Haha. Austen then brings up that Shep mentioned weeks ago that Austen “doesn’t make enough money for her,” which is sucky. Also, bitch, do you HAVE A JOB SHEP?!? Ok then Beau, that little SHIT STIRRER, tells Shep about the money comment, which is I mean, TRUE! You fuckin said it Shep! He then basically storms off, saying “I DON’T CARE, I HAVE A MILLION FRIENDS,” which is something I’ve thought and said several times. Except I literally have four friends and a cat, so, keep dreaming Shep, and keep dreaming, Shawna.

Kathryn and Kenzie are doing a photo shoot, and it’s truly heartwarming. Kathryn is excited to spend more time with Kenzie, and Thomas seems happy to be there too. It was such a good moment!! I love this. Also, I love that the Bravo producers made the moment of Kenzie screaming getting into the car to be a dramatic moment previewed at the top of the season, but it was really just a grumpy toddler that wanted her mom,  it it’s so sad for Kathryn to not be able to be with her kids. 

Cameran & Chelsea are finally talking about the Shep moment. Hopefully now is the time for Cameran to see the error in her ways!! Cameran says Shep is butt hurt because he liked her at some point, and Shep also blamed Cameran for this too, and she said “I love y’all both and wanted you to be together.” DDANG then Chelsea goes in and is basically like, uh, you know Shep is trash why do you want me to date him?! It’s just Cameran being a little selfish and wanting her two best friends to conveniently date each other. 

FINALLY MY QUEEN NAOMIE! IN THE LAST TEN MINS!! Naomie asked if he just woke up, and he was like “ugh a low blow right away.” Craig, relax, you STILL sound asleep. They are in a therapy session, and Craig is whining about his mean girlfriend. Naomie is working her ass off, and Craig is just lazy!! What is she supposed to support you with? Your new careers? Your knitting? Gardening? There’s a difference between being coddled and being supported, and he wants to be coddled. But shit, Naomie straight up said “I don’t like the way you are!” Yowza.

Cameran & Shep are hanging out, and she confronts him about trying to kiss Chelsea twice, and his response? “So? I can’t remember.” GOOD ONE SHEPARD. Cameran tells him he is not entitled to kiss any girl he thinks is hot, which is so true. The only reason Cameran can tolerate him is because she’s already married and is not in his wrath. JUST ADMIT YOU EFFING CARE, SHEP!!

YAAAS NEXT WEEK IS GONNA BE SO DAMN GOOD!! KATHRYN & CAMERAN!! LANDON & KATHRYN! Craig legit says “if you correct me one more time, we are separating tonight…” I would cut a bitch if anyone said that to me, and I know Naomie is no different. (I mostly love Craig but he needs to effing RELAX!!!) 

and the iconic scene….SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! XOXO

(southern charm Savannah is still fucking terrible.)


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