“I EAT LIKE ROSEANNE”- Southern Charm Recap Season 5 Episode 2

Welcome back! It’s time for the shitshow party to begin!

The girls are all in the car on their way to the party, talking shit about JD, and Chelsea says “I’ll be single for life”- bitch, me too! Of course, Thomas is old AF and has no chill, so he & Ashley are the first ones to this party, lingering in the corner at this literally empty backyard. Cameran and Craig are snooping on the second story balcony, watching the drama unfold.

“Do NOT- let go of my hand!” – Ashley whisper yells to T.Rav as Kathryn walks in.

So now there’s three split couples sneaking around the party trying to avoid each other- Craig & Naomie, Thomas & Kathryn, and Austen & Chelsea- amazing.

Kathryn lays eyes on Ashley once they walk into the party, and they end up all hanging out in the kitchen, where Ashley attempts to make some small talk. “I don’t know- she seems dumb as a rock.”- Kathryn- LOL!!

T.Rav then plays with Ashley’s belly button in front of everyone, and I am literally on the verge of dry heaving. TO MAKE THINGS BETTER, JD SHOWS UP! This party is giving me a pit.

Everyone is awkwardly crammed into the kitchen while Cameran is sitting at the table, alone, pigging out.

“I eat like….Roseanne.”

JD awkwardly comes out to sit with Cameran because he knows everyone else hates him,

“Its nice having boobs for the first time in my life, never experienced that before- sad they are going to be tea bags in a few months..” -CAMERAN ALWAYS HAS THE ZINGERS!

Kathryn goes to say hi to T.Rav,  in the same pair of wrinkly white jeans, and he tells her he has already hired a new nanny without consulting Kathryn. Sad that T.Rav will never take Kathryn’s feelings into account ever ever ever!

HERE COMES ASHLEY STOMPING IN “hikathryniknowsomuchaboutyouiknowyoudontknowanythingaboutme”

Kathryn meanwhile is like -_- “Sorry I’m a little caught off guard because I didn’t know you had a girlfriend” ..a w k w a r d!

“I think 38 is one of those ages where you should take some time for introspection” – lol k Shep this isn’t your 21st birthday my dude.

“Even though we aren’t dating anymore if Craig dates another girl I’d still want to kill her and her family” HAHA Naomie with these quips is giving me so much life! Give her the center…peach or whatever the Southern Charm housewives prop would be. A bourbon? A sewing machine? I’ll get back to you on this.

Naomie then is disgusted by JD and his cackle at the party..and just being around him in general. (look out for disgusted Naomie pics later)

Craig is crying about seeing Naomie to Cameran, T.Rav and Ashley go bone in Shep’s bathroom, probably.  Cameran should start charging for psychology appointments. Shep, Craig, and Cameran can FUCKING HEAR Ashley & T.Rav fucking- so disgusting.

Naomie has had enough of JD talking about his shitty marriage, and wants to basically pound his face in.

JD: What do you want me to do?                                                                                                 Naomie: Be a better husband.

Naomie then goes on to say his ex-wife calls Naomie all the time, she has to take care of Elizabeth, JD is a piece of shit, etc. etc. Then pretty much all the girls drag him for filth and it’s pretty wild to watch!!

“The Good Ol’ Boy system is dying.” – idk Shep & Austen are still alive, well, & have no jobs, so…

Austen is playing dumb, but he’s actually dumb, so…girl bye.

“I guess because I wasn’t born in Charleston, I was born in France..I can speak the truth”- YES BITCH DRAG THAT LIL NUGGET TO FILTH. QUEEN NAOMIEEEE!

Then Craig & Naomie are having a moment by the bar, and Naomie cried a lil bit.

The next morning, Kathryn & Naomie hash it out at the kitchen table, and Naomie basically wants to cry whenever Craig is nice to her, which isn’t crazy often- I secretly want them to get back together, because I love them so much. Craig is an idiot, but I think having Naomie in his life truly makes him better. If he could just whine a tiny bit less and get his shit together, I think that it would improve things exponentially.

The final scene is T.Rav and Ashley at dinner together, and Thomas is marveling at how nice Kathryn was to him at that party. Then, the montage of T.Rav and Kathryn throughout the years set to a soft piano was v emotional, leaving Ashley like wtf…why did I move here for you? “If she was sweet & nice, I would still be with her!” Yikes!

The preview for next week looks crazy! Liz is like “JD & I are fine” and Naomie is like “WTF,” Naomie yells at Craig, and Cameran has a baby shower! CAN’T WAIT!

See you next week!! xoxo


“CAN I PUT A PAPER PLATE IN THE OVEN?”- Southern Charm Recap Season 5 Episode 1


Southern Charm is back which means…I’M BACK!!! Season 5 babaaaay! It’s going to be so exciting!! This time last year, I left my job, started a new job which ended up being terrible, so I dragged my sorry ass back into my old job in January, and I’ve been livin’ the good life ever since! You truly do not know how green your grass is until you leave and go to the metaphorical equivalent of a trash heap, but the trash is on fire. Clearly inspiration is not my forte, but luckily, I think talking about Southern Charm ~is my forte, so let’s get started!

What we know from last season and the interim is that Shep had an actually good dating show on Bravo, RelationShep, and ended up with a girl who was way too young for him but simultaneously more mature than him, Bella, but their relationship has since ended. T.Rav has a new girlfriend who is a nurse, who looks like a prettier employed version of Landon- fun!

We open the show with a fancy Christmas party, and our girl Kathryn is screaming at Ashley, T.Rav’s new girlfriend, while T.Rav looks on…or stares off into space…or imagines the two girls making out in his head- all make sense.


A very pregnant Cameran rolls herself out of bed, which was not unlike what I experienced this morning (I went to a jazz funk dance class two days ago and am literally still d e d from the neck down, thanks for asking), then shots of Patricia admiring a huge ring she has, Shep going through the Chik-fil-a drive through, Kathryn sage-ing her home, and T.Rav in white jeans with no underwear taking his kids to school- fun!

Shep brings Chik-fil-a over to Cameran’s house while she sits in bed which is 1) my dream (despite that I am 0 months pregnant) 2) actually very sweet and endearing for Shep to do. Shep explains the breakup with Bella, and how she and her friends all went home “at 11 PM” when they were out in NYC, which is definitely not Shep’s style. His quest for a girl who’s a party monster but also someone who has their master’s in fine english literature continues! Also, he goes to say that he is “young” to which Cameran immediately cuts him off- ta daaa today is Shep’s 38th birthday!!! You’re officially old my dude!

We then go to Kathryn with her dip dyed blonde/red hair, and Danni comes over to hang. Kathryn has a god awful bruise on her arm from all the drug tests that she’s done in her conquest to get more custody of her kids. I feel so bad for her, especially since T.Rav just has the nanny take care of the kids (who has since been fired on Kathryn’s request- child custody shit is WILD).

T.Rav has sold his fancy downtown house that he had exiled his children to the guest house in, and has purchased a home that they can all live in- Dad of the year! We then see Ashley, T.Rav’s new girl, who looks like a FaceTuned photograph of Landon. Thomas has a wispy fringe bang, and makes a sex joke that his nanny has to awkward listen to- incredible.

Next up was my KWEEN Naomie, who comes to see Chelsea at her hair salon to get her hair done. This is juxtaposed with Craig in a pink polo moving his stuff into a dilapidated home. Shocker- Naomie & Craig broke up! After his embarrassing shenanigans last season combined with her poise, grace, & well-timed disses, we all saw this coming. Craig has turned this home into a *sIcK* bachelor pad with his friend Sean who had also gotten dumped, and they are living the high life.

“I don’t wanna say this like I’m excited, but hell ya we going out tonight!” – Chelsea & Naomie are both single now, so it’s gonna b lit in Charleston!

The idea of having all my best girls on this show all being single together and living it up in Charleston is amazing!

Chelsea then talks about how Austen & her aren’t together anymore, and how he tried to come over after a night out at like 3 am to try to bone down with Chelsea, and she basically was like f this shit! Austen was so sweet last year, so this is sad to see. Also, Austen is also unemployed (HOT!), and the montage of him doing nothing all week showed him fulling dRoPpInG an oreo into a glass of milk, only to have to scrounge around in the milk to fish it out- disgusting! Austen also awkwardly dated one of Chelsea’s friends- yikes! (Also, if he says “the door is ajar” one more time,I’m gonna lose it.)

Austen & Shep meet up to hash out their single-ness and unemployed-ness, and I’m snoozing over here- where’s Patricia at!?

Be careful for what you wish for! Here’s Whitney in his red adidas tracksuit like a dollar store Armie Hammer, getting some lunch with Shep. Whitney reveals that his mother has a “gentleman caller,” and in cuts a scene where Patricia has a fucking HUGE ring on her finger- there is no way it is possibly real! Then Whitney says the first time this happened, he was in school in England and received a telegram. This scene only reveals more that both Patricia and Whitney are 400 years old, and are somehow just living forever, switching out bodies like in skeleton key.

Then we see JD & T.Rav, still in white pants. It shows news articles that JD had been dodging rent the entire time his restaurant Gentry, was open- shady! And it turns out JD & Elizabeth have separated! Escandalo! Sounds like a shitstorm!

Craig & Shep are getting meats for his bday party, and they wax poetic about how they are friends now, but also how T.Rav, his new GF, and Kathryn are all invited to his birthday party, which could totally end in a shitstorm.

It’s party time! They are setting up the party with Shep’s party planner, and Craig reveals the embroidered apron that he has made for Shep- adorable!! Cut to about 25 minutes of Shep, Craig, & Austen bickering about smoked meats and appetizers- I cannot deal.

T.Rav’s girlfriend is trying on the Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2017 collection prints while Thomas drools over her- annoying- but it will certainly be interesting to see how they handle things at this party.

The only pregame worth going to starts at Naomie’s house- Kathryn, Naomie, Danni, & Chelsea all head over to pop some bottles before this shitshow of a birthday party. The best part of this meeting is Naomie busting out her fluent french when correcting someone calling the sparkling water LA CROY..*shudders* They then talk about Shep and his condom use- omg omg omg lol. Kathryn said Shep made her shower before they boned because she had a spray tan on, and also because Shep is a goddamn monster! The girls all talk shit about JD and how alike he is to Shep, even though he’s a secret d-bag! I cannot wait to see how all of this pans out.

T.Rav is like, so dazzled by the tank top and shorts Ashley is wearing to this party, to which I say she is cute, but that look is not impressing another girl- it is basic. Craig, Austen & Shep force the poor bartender to attempt to smoke their meats because none of them know what they’re doing, and they’re all screaming at each other- amazing. I feel like 80% of this show is Craig whining while he’s wearing an apron.

The girls all talk about women empowerment, they play a horror movie version of the theme song, and everyone is on their way to the party…


omg omg this show is so dramatic already and I can’t wait!!! I can’t wait for the drama to unfold!!! I wonder if Ashley will be cool? (lol probably not) I wonder if Chelsea & Austen will get together? I wonder if Landon will have her baby this season? I wonder if Patricia will get married again on air? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

Anyway, thanks for reading! See you next week!

THIS HODGEPODGE OF A FINALE- southern charm 6/26

SEASON FINALE AHHHHHH!!! What a SEASON!! This finale episode was underwhelming, but at least we got a good Shep and Craig fight!! 

Shit, trouble in paradise with Naomie and Craig! She is still in her leather jacket (queen) peacing the F out of there because Craig continues to be rude and embarrassing. 

Chelsea and Austen go parasailing, and I’m ready for these two bores to get off my show. ARE THEY OR ARENT THEY?!

“Am I having a nightmare or was Whitney just massaging me?”- BOTH CAMERAN, BOTH!!

Kathryn is looking stunning in a yellow head wrap, and Elizabeth and Danni talk to her about whether or not they felt that Landon was being sincere in her change of heart towards Kathryn. We then see Landon and Cameran chatting, and Cameran comments on how nice Landon was towards Kathryn. FINALLY LANDON SEES THE LIGHT that Kathryn can’t ever see her damn kids, while he just leaves them with the nanny.

Landon giveth…

and Landon TAKETH AWAY!
Someone comments on Danni’s (old ass) boyfriend, and Chelsea’s dress is LITERALLY AMAZING.

Landon is on a moped in a mumu, terrorizing pedestrians and leaving tourists in her wake- legend.

Kathryn and Thomas are talking, and Thomas is glassy eyed and sweaty- yikes. Kathryn and Thomas in a way decide to mediate the shared time with their kids together, but also seems wary of this idea in his solo shot.

DANNI JUST PASSED THE F OUT- lort almighty. Seeing her limp body being wheeled out of the restaurant was horrifying- GIRL I HOPE YOU OK!!!

Shep, JD, & Landon moped to a stop, and have to go make sure sweet Danni is ok. She is texting and alive, and apparently was just extremely dehydrated- damn girl you gotta eat!! And chug a lug that water in FL!!

They are sitting down at dinner, and Thomas says “get her the fuck away from me” to Landon, to which I say, you are an old ass man! Have some class! 

Craig then presents a hand embroidered baby onesie to Cameran, and it’s SO FUCKING CUTE! Craig. What a goddamn angel.

Shep is wasted AF at 11am- standard.

Cameran has a conversation with Craig because she doesn’t like the way he speaks to her in public, which is so true! Cameran says he is the perceived asshole in the situation, and he goes on about how “horrible” she is to him. Maybe you are a loser, Craig!! Just break up if you’re gonna keep bitching about it!! Hurricane Shep comes around, shouting and sneezing on Cameran. Nothing came of this, but how enjoyable. 


(Ok this episode is a goddamn hodgepodge)

Thomas rattles off about how he gave Landon the “oppurtunity” to date him, and JD looks like he’s gonna projectile vomit on Thomas to which I say, same. Landon finally sees how shitty Thomas can treat women, and Landon wants no part of it. 

Kathryn and Naomie go out and talk shit on Craig, and try to figure out of the root of all their issues. At first I was super weird, but I forget they’ve always loved Kathryn, which I love. “He lied to everyone for a year  and I helped him.” Ok girl, you right you right.

Ok Bravo I understand you’re tying up loose ends here but tf is this hodgepodge episode?!

Cameran admits she doesn’t like babies, and her mom admits to the same thing, but she loved her own kids, which is probably the same experience Cameran will have.


Naomie is gonna be a big person and apologize, and I’m patiently waiting for Craig to blow up and not accept her apology. He looks tense as fuck, and admits he is “extremely angry.” UGH GET O V E R IT CRAIG. “I need a positive influence in my life.” Craig! Maybe some self reflection is involved as well, not just blaming Naomie for it all. But I’m also a huge Naomie fan, and she can do absolutely no wrong in my book. 

KATHRYN & T.RAV BACK AGAIN!! She is privileged to be HERSELF, not to just have Thomas’s kids, according to Thomas which is, weird? But I mean, baby steps for this ol man. They have a horrible long hug and he’s kissing her on the shoulder and I’m getting a lil nauseous, but whatever.The whole gang is at a party, I’m unsure of its reason, and Thomas talks about how Shep couldn’t fly home from Key West because he was too wasted, Naomie tells everyone that Kathryn and Thomas kissed, and Landon is like UGH OF COURSE, she’s too afraid to lose her meal ticket! Uh, someone’s looking a little jealous over there, Land.

Kathryn comes in in a full velvet tux, Patricia runs out the door, and Cameran admits to literally telling EVERYONE Thomas and Kathryn hung out and kissed. I’m so tired. 

Ok, I’m still trying to decipher why this party is being thrown. JD is moving? Then a RANDO girl who I think Shep dated once (?!) and Austen are like smooching on the cheek and Chelsea is fuming- bitch, you friend zoned THE FUCK out of him, all season, only to pop off on him on the last second. “This is the first that I’m hearing that you care-” A FUCKING MEN, AUSTEN. That’s what it took to be exclusive, Chelsea, just him making you jealous. LORDT.

Craig is back to trying to make peace and Naomie is like fuckfuckfuck can I leave?! Craig threatens to hit Shep, so that’s great. Craig is essentially not happy with Landon and Kathryn not making complete peace between the two of them, which is REALLY none of his business. It was nice when Craig instigated last season when he had hot gossip about people and was exposing them left and right, but not when he’s just trying to make friends!! THIS IS A SNOOZE CRAIGGY. Also I can’t believe he socked Shep in the leg- jesus.

“HE LOVES TO TALK AND I’M ACCEPTING IT RIGHT NOW” – Naomie, clenching her teeth, snapping a rubber band against her wrist. 

Craig is treating these girls like his own game of the Sims, and wanting them to be best friends- just get a computer game, Craig!

Thomas is hitting on Kathryn and everyone is watching. What an ending to this show!!! “UGH THEY’RE BOTH JUST BATSHIT CRAZY”- lol sorry Landon. As long as Kathryn wins, that’s all I care about. 

THAT’S IT?! Good god. Well, that was emotionally and physically draining, but that was our season finale, ladies and gents!! 

See you for the reunions! xo💕


Top 5 Favorite Things from Season 4 of Southern Charm

WHAT A SEASON!! I’ve had the best time recapping this full season of Southern Charm, and it did not disappoint! From Landon’s poor dog never being walked by a man to Shep’s doll with a flaccid dick, let’s go through, in no particular order, TRASHTVPRINCESS’S TOP 5 FAVORITE THINGS FROM SEASON 4 OF SOUTHERN CHARM!!!

1. ROAM if you want to (but prepare for the copyright infringement fines)My absolute FAVORITE thing about Landon, or any rich kid in general, is that they pretend to work really hard while being funded full time by their parents. The slow burn of Roam.biz, or whatever the URL was, was a side conversation this season, starting with her preview party, and ending with…really nothing. But the moment Landon confessed she couldn’t call Roam Roam anymore was such a stunning moment, even after she started using Roam jargon in her everyday conversation. (Ex: “this place is not Roam-worthy”)

2. Cameran’s side gig as a voodoo priestessCameran is the princess of Southern Charm, with Patricia as queen, and she never fails to bring humor and honesty to the show, even if it’s brutally honest. On the surface, she’s a perfect southern belle, but her recent foray into voodoo and white magic has kept me laughing all season. With her acquisition of Mama Estelle, and that creepy ass naked doll she got Shep, she’s shown she’s not only a southern belle but an absolute weirdo, which only makes me love her more!! YOU GO CAMERAN. VOODOO ON, GIRL!

3. GIZMO.The light of my life. The yin to my yang. Gizmo, Naomie and Craig’s perfect cat, has taken car rides, judged Craig, and broken the fourth wall by staring directly at camera men all season, and has warmed my cold, black heart. Gizmo also has a brief foray into real estate this season, which is just as cute as it sounds. The moment when Naomie got freaked out at the thought of Gizmo ever dying, I FUCKING FREAKED OUT TOO- partly because of my cat, partly because I have grown to love Gizmo as much as she does. 

4. Patricia’s one-liners (AND CAFTANS)Patricia Altschul is reality tv gold- she’s rich, she’s beautiful, she has a butler, she has a side gig shilling caftans online, and has had some of the best one liners all season. Not to mention that AMAZING phone case, and she has retweeted me a few times so, LOVE YA GIRL! But really, I would put Patricia up there with the Luanns and Vickis of the world in terms of her contributions to Bravo in just 4 seasons of this show, she is a legend. HERE’S TO YOU PATRICIA- see you in the liquor section of Costco.

5. The facial expressions.need I say more?!

Anyway, needless to say this season of Southern Charm was bomb af- I just wish Landon and Kathryn had fought more, but maybe we’ll get some action in the finale. I love this show, and I hope you enjoyed my recaps as much as I love writing them. Thanks for reading!!! 💕

(also, pour one out for our fallen homie, Shep’s mullet friend.)(miss u)

“BEACH TOWNS ARE THE ONLY THING I’M GOOD AT” – southern charm recap 6/19

YASSS EP 12 BABIEZZZZZ!! This season has been phenomenal, and honestly has been a shining point in what has been a ROUGH couple of months- thank you my sweet @andy for this beautiful distraction. Anyway, this episode is gonna be spectacular!! I’m ready for some Landon whining, and for Kathryn and Cameran to bond!! BRING IT ON!

My boy gizmo straight chillin on the couch while Craig makes Cameran some baby clothes- timeless. Shep shows up to Chelsea’s house,  because she’s the QUEEN OF LEADING MEN ON. Shep apologizes for macking on her in the bar, and she says Shep made her feel like “one of those girls,” and he admitted to liking her at one point. Then they have a very vague conversation about what would have been if she had known he liked her-  awk. She then mentions Austin, and he erm erm erms his way out of it.

CAMERAN AND KATHRYN YAAAA! Cameran considers this her last blast before becoming a mom, and Kathryn is dazzling in winter white. Cameran then describes her husband as a baby looking like an “albino baby possum”- Jesus, Cameran! Way to not sugarcoat it at all. Then Cameran tells Kathryn that Landon expects an apology from her before they go to Key West- cut to Landon’s garbled voice on the phone lolzzzz. Then Kathryn tells Cameran that her and Thomas planned a three day weekend together to some plantation, but they had broken up, and Thomas took Landon on this trip instead. Also, it was on a Valentine’s Day weekend before Saint was conceived, and Thomas told Kathryn this to make her jealous. 

Naomie and Craig are fighting while Gizmo and Naomie cuddle- we know what side he’s chosen. Craig is flipping out because he’s lame and doesn’t do anything, and his girlfriend judges him. Naomie offers him an ultimatum that is basically like don’t be a fuckin asshole or we WILL break up on this trip. Basically. 

time for my closeup.

PATRICIA MY ANGEL! She’s unwrapping her auction finds- that bitch loves an Indian themed artifact. She pulls out a gold encrusted elephant clock to put on her mantle- queen of my life.

boss bitch.

Landon and Thomas are together, and she’s talking shit about Kathryn of COURSE, and doesn’t want to “bring [her]self down to her level”- bitch you are a bottom fucking feeder- nobody goes lower than Landon. She expects an apology from Kathryn which is LAUGHABLE, and is NEVA GONNA HAPPEN. 

Chelsea is meeting Austen’s parents!! Truthfully, I’m a little shook about it. I thought she didn’t want to be in a relationship! And now Chelsea is back pedaling on what she said about Shep to Austen, and is basically defending Shep again- I’m about done with this girl. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!! “You clearly talked to Shep today, and that’s why the narrative is changing”- I’m SO STOKED that Austen is catching onto her ways of just meandering around the truth and what she wants people to think, etc. Basically she broke up the friendship of Shep and Austen, and she has no remorse. RECOGNIZE A GOOD THING WHEN YOU SEE IT, CHELSEA!! Austen is such good people.

Austen’s parents are telling embarrassing stories about him, and Chelsea is being the perfect girl to bring home to the parents, aka she can turn it on when she needs to. That girl is good at telling people what they want to hear, but I want to know what she REALLY wants. 

Everyone’s at the airport- wooooo! Party time! Shep made it to the airport!! Let’s be real he probably didn’t sleep.  Craig & Naomie look pissed and Gizmoless.

Whitney is trying to barter for better rooms OF COURSE, and Austen is a lil mad about he and Chelsea. But then Chelsea signs up for a room with Cameran- escandalo! Everyone is immediately red and moist- WELCOME TO FLORIDA!!! My second home. Kathryn tells Naomie that Landon expects an apology from her, and Naomie says AVOID HER THIS WEEKEND TYSM- wise words from Miss Olindo. Whitney says the phrase “banana hammock,” and I’m about to yartz everywhere. Landon and Jennifer talk shit about Landon, and Cameran calls her out about her secret trip with Thomas!

Landon screams at Chelsea for playing devil’s advocate and siding with Kathryn, and it makes her look like a DAMN FOOL. “I don’t think she’s really that committed to getting her children back.” Those are some fighting fucking words, Landon. Only a real bitch could only think to say that!! She’s not with Thomas anymore, he’s all yours, I don’t know what more Landon feels she’s entitled to in this scenario. 

“BEACH TOWNS ARE THE ONLY THING I’M GOOD AT”- well I figured you were good at pretty much nothing as well, so we are in agreement. 

Landon is drunkenly throwing herself onto Austen, and he’s like -__________- and all the girls are watching in the window. “Should I be worried about that?” – Chelsea. Uhh, idk Chelsea, are you willing to admit you actually like Austen?

If Landon says “codependency at an all-time high” one more time, I’m going to fling myself off the Ravenel bridge.

Shep and Austen are making up kind of. Shep’s peace offering is matching button down dad shirts, and it’s amazing. 

Chelsea asked Kathryn about the drama when they are getting ready, and she says “it’s about Cameran tonight, not me” which is such an amazing sign of her growth. Naomie casually calls Craig out about about the “dip” he has in his pocket- ddaaaang Naomie b savage!

Danni’s fiancé shows up at dinner giving me sugar daddy realness, and Landon yells “I’M GONNA GO BACK TO THE HOTEL THERE’S NOT ENOUGH SEATS” and literally the whole group is rolling their eyes at her- I mean, same, but that old rich guy you’re sitting next to is already engaged. Also, why the f are you drinking bourbon in a Florida?! Get outta here JD (I love ya tho). Everyone is sweaty and frizzy and red, and I’m dying. 

8 margs in, Whitney thinks it’s a good idea for Landon and Kathryn to clear the air- NAWT. Danni is trying to help clear the air between them- bish, where you been all season?! Courting your old ass fiancée?! #bye. Craig is trying to be mediator, and Naomie is like, in the corner dry heaving of embarrassment. Landon is a goddamn banshee, and Kathryn is a poised queen. And Craig is being so fucking annoyingggggggg. But, Landon is actually semi-genuine in this moment, but Landon also blamed Thomas as using her as a pawn against Kathryn- and Thomas is SHOOK. RUH ROH LANDON AND KATHRYN ARE HUGGING. What’s going on?! Kathryn’s interview was SCATHING- “She’s pretty fake- she tried to f Shep, Thomas, and even Austen, and now Cameran knows the real Landon- it’s pretty pathetic.” Kathryn’s monologue deserves a daytime Emmy.

Thomas calls Landon’s apology “self serving,” and to “advance some agenda she has”– wow Thomas has truly flipped the switch on his idea of Landon. I am SHOOKETH. I’m also dying at the flashbacks of this drag bar/strip club they went to in Key West- these damn monsters 😂😂😂 I also love that Landon was all over Shep the night before. The next morning, Landon jumps in and immediately starts defending Kathryn after this apology from the night before, and Thomas is pissed!! How DARE this girl disagree with him?! I brought her an orange rose once! 

THE SEASON FINALE IS NEXT WEEK! It looks like any Kathryn/ Landon drama is sort of over, but Thomas is pissed because Landon isn’t tryna swim up his butthole anymore.   “I want a girl who is privileged and honored to be with me” – K GOOD LUCK THOMAS. Craig is still whining, and Shep and Craig are screaming at each other- shocking. Chelsea is ALL OF A SUDDEN V TERRITORIAL OVER AUSTEN, and yells about him about some other girl lolz- SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! 

“I’M NOT A J.CREW BITCH.”- southern charm recap 6/12

EPISODE ELEVEN BITCHES!! I am into the swing of my new job, worked out after work today, and am in a face mask as I prepare to watch this week’s Southern Charm- WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T HAVE IT ALL?! This week hinted at being the episode where Shep makes a move on Chelsea and she doesn’t like it, so I’m nervous to see how this episode goes. Also, Naomie hinted she’s gonna pop off on Craig on her instagram earlier today, so I’m a little scared for that too.

Also, Shep was riding the struggle bus big time, not only with the women in his life, but with his hard partying ways. WILL SHEP EVER GROW UP?! We may never know.

Ok back to the real ep!! Chelsea & Cameran are gonna go hang out with Kathryn, and Cameran admits she was really impressed by Kathryn when they went to lunch together. JD & Thomas go to lunch, and Kathryn asks Thomas if she can bring Kenzie on a modeling gig- c’mon, stage mom! JD is shook by the fact that Thomas and Landon are dating, AND SO ARE THE REST OF US. There’s a cutaway of Landon guffawing as she finds Thomas’s poetry book while he sighs, exasperated. 

Landon and her Dad are out on the town, and she comments something along the lines of “is there anything better than this?” And he says “Being in Key West.” I love him immediately. Landon’s dad basically gives her a job offer to just SHOW UP TO A FUCKIN PROPERTY EVERYDAY AND TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO, and how this way, she can make a living. Landon responds with something along the lines of “ehhh well I hope I can make a living off of the website”- girrrrrrrl. “It would be easy to just work for my dad and marry Thomas, but I want to do something for myself”- bitch, you don’t have to marry Thomas, but like, take the fuckin job!!! Give up on the website formerly known as Roam!! TAKE THE MONEY! LISTEN TO THOSE MORE BROKE THAN YOU (me)!!!!!

We then see Cameran and Shep talking, and Shep is even admitting that Chelsea and Austen are together, but Cameran is vehemently denying it. I can’t blame her though…Chelsea denies it like crazy when ANYONE asks her, so you certainly can’t blame other guys for trying. Shep then displays minor depression issues, and shows that money really can’t buy happiness- Shep is rich af but still seems to be having a tough time. 

“I have to market myself like I’m a J.Crew bitch, and I’m not a J.Crew bitch.” LOLZ KATHRYN! My favorite girls all together- Cameran, Chelsea, & Kathryn are all shopping to get Kathryn something to wear other than Forever 21 rompers to her modeling gig. SORRY GIRL- U A MOM NOW! OFF TO ANN TAYLOR YOU GO!! I spoke too soon- Kathryn tried another romper on. OMG! MORE KEY WEST! Cameran announces she’s throwing a Key West trip for her bday, and Cameran asks if Kathryn would be ok if they all went to Key West together, including Landon. But Kathryn don’t give a fuck, cause she’s a hot ass bitch- iconic. Cameran then tells Chelsea about the shitshow that Shep was the week before, and Chelsea says her, Shep, & Austen are all hanging out soon. WHAT A RECIPE FOR DISASTER!!!

“I’m doing my best to not work”- same, Austen. 

Chelsea then admits Shep tried to make out with her a bunch of times, and called her and Austen “a joke,” and that he’s with Landon all the time…ARE THESE PEOPLE SEEING SOMETHING I’M NOT?! There is barely a thread of a relationship between Austen & Landon, and I really don’t know where this idea has stemmed. Cameran is also probably to credit for planting this seed in Shep’s mind about he and Chelsea, since Chelsea never admits to anything about Austen. JUST EFFING ADMIT IT GIRL, then maybe your best friend Cameran wouldn’t have been pawning you off to her other best friend Shep! It’s basically everyone’s fault.

DA BOYZ are all at dinner, and Austen is SEETHING in the corner when Shepard walks in. Where’s Shep’s friend with the mullet? Craig and Whitney are looking pretty shook, and Shep says “it was a test!” and Craig pops in, saying how Shep tried to “bang Naomie” when they first started dating, and Craig also added, “hopefully the girl I’m marrying likes me enough to say no.” WOWOW DRAG SHEP! This stuff is crazy. Then Shep is still pissed because Austen took Chelsea from Shep, and he just wanted to get a last chance. Shep does have a point though- Cameran was inSIStent about Chelsea and Shep getting together. He was merely listening to someone he considers a good friend, and his ego got in the way.

Whitney and Craig basically are saying everyone makes mistakes, but also SHEP IS SHEP, and Craig is of course playing devil’s advocate cause he don’t like Sheppy. Haha. Austen then brings up that Shep mentioned weeks ago that Austen “doesn’t make enough money for her,” which is sucky. Also, bitch, do you HAVE A JOB SHEP?!? Ok then Beau, that little SHIT STIRRER, tells Shep about the money comment, which is I mean, TRUE! You fuckin said it Shep! He then basically storms off, saying “I DON’T CARE, I HAVE A MILLION FRIENDS,” which is something I’ve thought and said several times. Except I literally have four friends and a cat, so, keep dreaming Shep, and keep dreaming, Shawna.

Kathryn and Kenzie are doing a photo shoot, and it’s truly heartwarming. Kathryn is excited to spend more time with Kenzie, and Thomas seems happy to be there too. It was such a good moment!! I love this. Also, I love that the Bravo producers made the moment of Kenzie screaming getting into the car to be a dramatic moment previewed at the top of the season, but it was really just a grumpy toddler that wanted her mom,  it it’s so sad for Kathryn to not be able to be with her kids. 

Cameran & Chelsea are finally talking about the Shep moment. Hopefully now is the time for Cameran to see the error in her ways!! Cameran says Shep is butt hurt because he liked her at some point, and Shep also blamed Cameran for this too, and she said “I love y’all both and wanted you to be together.” DDANG then Chelsea goes in and is basically like, uh, you know Shep is trash why do you want me to date him?! It’s just Cameran being a little selfish and wanting her two best friends to conveniently date each other. 

FINALLY MY QUEEN NAOMIE! IN THE LAST TEN MINS!! Naomie asked if he just woke up, and he was like “ugh a low blow right away.” Craig, relax, you STILL sound asleep. They are in a therapy session, and Craig is whining about his mean girlfriend. Naomie is working her ass off, and Craig is just lazy!! What is she supposed to support you with? Your new careers? Your knitting? Gardening? There’s a difference between being coddled and being supported, and he wants to be coddled. But shit, Naomie straight up said “I don’t like the way you are!” Yowza.

Cameran & Shep are hanging out, and she confronts him about trying to kiss Chelsea twice, and his response? “So? I can’t remember.” GOOD ONE SHEPARD. Cameran tells him he is not entitled to kiss any girl he thinks is hot, which is so true. The only reason Cameran can tolerate him is because she’s already married and is not in his wrath. JUST ADMIT YOU EFFING CARE, SHEP!!

YAAAS NEXT WEEK IS GONNA BE SO DAMN GOOD!! KATHRYN & CAMERAN!! LANDON & KATHRYN! Craig legit says “if you correct me one more time, we are separating tonight…” I would cut a bitch if anyone said that to me, and I know Naomie is no different. (I mostly love Craig but he needs to effing RELAX!!!) 

and the iconic scene….SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! XOXO

(southern charm Savannah is still fucking terrible.)

“EAT, DRINK, & REMARRY.” – southern charm recap 6/5

IT’S EPISODE TEN, Y’ALL!! I am so proud of myself for writing ten weeks in a row, honestly. But my love for Southern Charm keeps me going strong, and I have a newfound affinity for taking screenshots of the show on my iPad to use in daily iMessage conversations.

AWhen we left last week, Landon was crying about walking her dog alone, and Kathryn & Thomas had exchanged letters and reached some sort of truce. We start off at Saint’s birthday party! AHH! Kathryn is at Saint’s party!!! Kathryn & Thomas make small talk, and everyone is silently screaming. “You guys dress him so well” is the saddest sentiment that a Mom can say about her own child. Poor Kathryn. JD SHOWS UP! The great uniter!! Naomie! Craig! Snowden! Chelsea! Dang, Saint has the whole crew rolling in. The only one missing is Andy Cohen, to be honest. Jennifer Snowden is still butt hurt because Kathryn doesn’t want to be friends with her, and Cameran hates on the haircut that Chelsea gave Shep while Austen seethes in the background.

GOD LOVE HER, but miss Pat Altschul is a little bit of a hater, and dips out during Saint’s bday song. I’m sure it was crazy editing, because she is quite the lady, but they made it out to be a very blunt dip out. The only thing missing at this party is….LANDON. Thank god, lets be honest. Kathryn got Thomas an amazing photo of the day Saint was born, which really pulled on Thomas’s (and my) heartstrings.

“Oh god are they gonna have #3 tonight?”- SHEPARD ROSE, HOW DARE YOU.

Jennifer Snowden and Landon go to lunch to talk shit about Kathryn, I assume, because I’ve never seen them speak to each other in my life. My favorite trope is Landon huffing and puffing on her way to sit down at a restaurant, pretending she just came from a busy day at work, because we all know she doesn’t have a job. Landon tells Snowden that Patricia wants her & Thomas to date, and I can see Jennifer trying not her roll her eyes at Landon’s nonsense. It then turns into Landon’s word vomit at how she wouldn’t ever date Thomas because of the baggage, blah blah but, why are you talking about him so much then?! LORDT. “Just do whatever you want Landon, I don’t give a fuck” -Jennifer Snowden, probably.

remind me to never hang out with Landon again.

Patricia & Thomas are reconvening after the the party to talk about the party and his love life. “Eat, Drink, & Remarry” – GOD BLESS YOU PATRICIA!!! Patricia is back on the trail of playing matchmaker with Thomas and Landon, and telling him to court her the old-fashioned way. UGH.

Cameran is visiting her…mom? A psychic? (Editor’s note: it was her therapist) Shit. I need to pay attention. Cameran’s harping about a baby, and basically saying she’s too self involved, and she needs something more to live for. Basically, Cameran decides she wants to have a kid for her husband, because he would be such a great dad, which is cute, and not like she needs another excuse to eat cheetos- the bitch already does! What a legend! 

Austen is blabbing about Chelsea and continues to take her out on dates while she continues to friendzone him and tell him she doesn’t want a relationship- amazing. They are in a marsh somewhere with nets, doing something Southern- I’m unfamiliar. Update: it turns out they were crabbing, which I find hilarious that all the dates they go on involve Austen catching food for Chelsea. 

Landon is “working” and trying to google new names for her website because ROAM IS ALREADY A THING, and Thomas comes a-knockin, and he brings her a rose. She says “for the future, orchids are my favorite.” Then go to Trader Joe’s and get one, girl! This is such a momentous occasion, the first man taking Charlotte on a walk- sweet sweet Thomas Ravenel! We are then met with the scene we saw the first episode of this season- OUTSTANDING! They walk around the lake, and he said they should see each other more, he’s only 3 minutes away, something along those lines. As much as I mostly dislike Thomas, the effort he puts in with Landon is admirable.

honestly, same

CRAIG & NAOMIE!!! Gizmo is in the car with them as they go through the drive-thru at McDonald’s. It is the cutest thing ever! Craig calls Austen a “cooler version of Shep,” which is amazing. Craig then drives Naomie & Gizmo to a house that surprise! He bought! It’s actually a super great house, and Gizmo gets to do the walk through of the house too, which I LOVE. Honestly, Naomie has the life I want and deserve- cute cat, cute boyfriend, fluent in French- ONE DAY!! Cameran mentions a trip for her birthday (c’mon Bravo trip!) and she mentions inviting Kathryn! Naomie then tells them Landon told her Thomas had showed up to her house “with a bouquet of flowers professing his love” *immediately cuts to the shot of the ONE flower that Thomas got Landon* hahahaha these producers aren’t a fan of Landon, clearly telling in this edit.
Shep is creep a leepin, and shows up unannounced at Chelsea’s abode, glassy eyed and all. Shep needs to love himself. He tells her he’s moving to a new house, and that it might help him be a one-woman man. He also rummages through her entire kitchen, while she goes on about how she’s not dating Austen. Shep also says, “I’m sad we never cultivated our relationship,” while he has a mouth full of crackers- iconic. Okay, I hate this conversation, and I’m sad this is happening behind Austen’s back.

Cameran is calling Shepard 100 times and leaving voicemails and opening doors of his new house, with no response from him. She leaves the house in a huff. It’s 12:30, and she calls Chelsea, and basically she was like “he left my place yesterday to go get turnt,” and Cam is PISSED! Slash, what an effing disaster! I’m glad he wasn’t at Chelsea’s still. The suspenseful music sweeps through as Cameran gets into Shep’s condo with basically no effort, and wakes him up at 1 pm in his full outfit from the night before. “There’s a frat party every night!” Shep sadly whines, in bed in his jeans. I love this disaster.

NEXT WEEK: KENZIE’S MODELING PICS! Shep’s reaching a breaking point! Craig is being an a-hole to Naomie! Austen and Shep fight because Shep put the moves on Chelsea! Kathryn cries about her kids!! 


First of all, Tamra is the center orange- what’s up with that? Vicki, minus her cancer lies (Brooks and Kill All Cancer), is the supreme queen of any and all housewives, and is permentantly the CENTER ORANGE, OK @ANDY?!?! Unfortunately, Kelly Dodd, Jim Edmonds, and FUCKIN LYDIAAAAAAA WHY GODDDDD will be returning this season. Literally the most boring cast member in the history of housewives. Shannon gained a bunch of weight, and that hurts my SOUL that she’s so sad about it- Beador is the B E S T, and I want nothing but a lifetime of happiness for her. The newest housewife is Peggy, who looks like Golnessa’s sister from Shahs of Sunset, and it looked like she was yelling a lot. Amazing. But let’s be real, I am devastated that Heather Dubrow didn’t return this season, because I also adored her and her motherly tendencies. Also, we never got to see the final results of Chateau Dubrow! Anyway, needless to say I am completely doused in V by Vicky Gunvalson (I 100% own this fragrance) and READY FOR JULY 10th!!! Also, the premiere is the day before my birthday- coincidence? I THINK NOT!!